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Streets of Shadows

I recently obtained the latest Del Rey Ballantine book in the Star Wars universe, Coruscant Nights Street of Shadows by Michael Reaves. This is the second of three novels in the Coruscant Nights series.

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Update 7 September 2008:

Michael Reaves bring us the second installment of the Coruscant Nights series.  In this installment, Jedi Jax Pavan is continuing to help people get off the Couruscant, now known as Imperial Center under the Empire, while performing his private investigating services.  In fact, a new mysterious woman has come to him with a murder case to solve before she desires to leave Coruscant.  This case will a challenging one for Jax as he and his companions search for answers to this murder.

Meanwhile, the Dark Lord has plans for Jax.  In efforts to find him, he releases a Jedi bounty hunter, Aurra Sing, to find this young Jedi.  Reown for her hunting skills, Aurra enjoys the hunt for any Jedi, but when she begins the hunt in the Jedi Temple, she runs into another person in search of Padmé’s killer, Captain Typho.   Although the battle with Sing is brief, Captain Typho may require the service of Jax in luring out the only person who can help find the killer, Darth Vader.  In solving murder of renown artist, it appears that people are laying a trap for Jax. Will he and his friend survive this one?

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