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Kill the Billout

Michelle Malkin has several posts on the bail out plan proposed by the Bush Administration:

Kill the bailout: Illegal immigration and the mortgage mess
Kill the bailout: What Bush should tell the nation
Kill the bailout: The Big Lies
Kill the bailout: Go, Shelby, go!
Kill the bailout: Phones ringing off the hook; student loans, car debt added to proposal

I am still undecided on this issue.  But, with Congress adding students, car loans, and other items, it is kind of ridiculous, now.  So, I may favor killing it and come up with a better solution.  However, our Democrat Congress will probably give us something worse.  In fact, I believe that our Congress is to blame for this mess more than anything.

At least there are some conservatives that do get it. As documented by Michelle:

Another fiscal conservative stands up: GOP Sen. Jim DeMint.

And GOP Rep. Mike Pence was on the House floor this morning:

U.S. Congressman Mike Pence gave the following speech from the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives today, urging caution when considering the possibility of a federal bailout:

“Our financial markets are in turmoil and the Administration was right to call for decisive action to prevent further harm to our economy.

“But nationalizing every bad mortgage in America is not the answer. This Administration’s request of this Congress amounts to the largest corporate bailout in American history.

“I believe Congress should act, but we should act in a way that protects the integrity of our free market and protects the American taxpayer from more debt and higher taxes.

“The strength of America resides in our faith in God and our faith in freedom, including our economic freedom. To have the freedom to succeed, we must also have the freedom to fail and any solution to the present crisis must preserve that essential economic liberty.

“Next, Congress should consider all available options to put our nation’s economy back on its feet.

“There are no easy answers but there are alternatives that this Congress can consider: indexing capital gains to inflation, passing a real energy bill, even regulating the credit default swap market as the chief of the SEC requested yesterday.

“These and other alternatives to a massive federal bailout must be fully considered and debated before Congress acts.

“We must address this crisis with forethought and creativity, rather than massive federal resources.”

Mr Pence is a US representative from Indiana.  His district is near where I live. He is a fine example of conservative serving his people well. I just wish we had more like him running our country, regardless what our fellow Democrats say about conservatives.

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