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Dark Times – Parallels

I recently obtained the latest Dark Horse Trade Paperback in the Star Wars universe, Dark Times – Parallels.

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Dark Horse continues the Dark Times series with Parallels.  In this story, we follow two groups on similar parallels.  Jedi Master K’Kruhkm, who escaped Order 66, seeks to find solitude from the war and keep Jedi younglings safe from the new Emperor.  Bomo Greenbark is seeking a place to live in the universe in a crew of outlaws.  A common event crosses both groups —  group of double crossing outlaws.  First, this group double crosses a boss trying to obtain a package from the crew Bomo’s on.  As the group get away, Bomo steps up with great courage to rescue his friends.  He learns of the woman’s loss like his, her son taken by the Jedi but now is dead because of Order 66.  But, the double crossing outlaws do not get far as one of their own tries to find what is in the prize they captured.  The results is this crew lands on the planet where the Jedi K’Kruhk’s group is surviving after their own crash landing.  A confrontation occurs and we learn that the one of younglings is the woman’s lost son.  Will the younglings survive as K’Kruhk attempts to save from these outlaws?   The results of the war that inflicted K’Kruhk may impact the future of the younglings and resulting in different paths for our heros.

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