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Order 66

I recently obtained the latest Del Rey Ballantine book in the Star Wars universe, Order 66 by Karen Traviss.

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Review 5 October 2008:

In the closing days of the war, our favorite Republic Commandos squads, Delta and Omega Squadrons, have reached the time of the Clone Wars where a choice has to be made.  Do you execute Order 66?  The war seems to have the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) stretched to the limits.  But, these men were trained by one of the best sergenant, Kal Skirata, and he has no intentions of the letting them die in under Palpatine’s time.  So, Sgt Skirata has made plans to get his men out of the GAR and provide his men with a good future of life, not war.  But first, he must continue to prepare and find the resources to cure the aging process of these fine men.  In order to make the final break from the GAR, the men of Delta and Omega, must execute missions to prepare for the evacuation to their new homeworld.  Who will survive and make it out alive?  What is to become of the Jedi?

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