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Negative Advertising – Thomas Sowell @ Townhall

Thomas Sowell has written another great piece posted at Townhall.com called Negative Advertising. A great article on negative advertising versus real issues about the Obama campaign.

A lot people complain about negative advertising because it has gotten so bad lately. Well, this type of campaign is typical in this country. It is nothing new. In fact, in our history of presidential elections, some of this negative advertising was far worse in the past than it is today. That may surprise a few people today. So please check Mr Sowell piece out.

Mr Sowell has pointed out some thing I have known about any liberal, they like to hide who they really are.

Why then is “negative advertising” such a big deal these days? The dirty little secret is this: Liberal candidates have needed to escape their past and pretend that they are not liberals, because so many voters have had it with liberals.

When one runs as conservative, and you win most of the time. In fact in the 2006 elections, most of the Democrats gains were because of Democrats who ran as a conservative in some Republican areas. So, it is no surprise when a liberal likes to gloss over their own record and mesmerize us with their talk, as Mr Sowell points out:

What are called “the real issues” are election-year talking points, while the actual track record of the candidates is treated as a distraction– and somehow an unworthy distraction.

It is hard to vote in this year’s elections because our two parties gave us senators who want to be president. In my book, I am disappointed with the choices they gave us. No change for voting for someone, but voting for the lesser of two evils.

But, if you must make a decision on who the next president should be, examine not their talk but how they have acted in implementing their potential plans.  You may find out that the individual may have not delivered on what they are promising today.

But when has any politician kept their promises once they won that office?

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