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Millennium Falcon

I recently obtained the latest Del Rey Ballantine book in the Star Wars universe, Millennium Falcon by James Luceno.

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Review 27 October 2008:

Two years after the Legacy of the Force series, James Luceno gives us an account of Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo, and Allana locating a strange device on the Millenium Falcon that leads them on an adventure to find out who previously owed the Millenium Falcon.  Meanwhile, in a medical facility on Aurora, a previous pilot of the Falcon has awoken from coma and likewise is looking for this ship.  The ship he knows can lead him to a possible treasure.  As both parties learn the stories of the Falcon’s history from previous owners, they are bound to meet and find this possible treasure.  But, there is another interested party who wants this prize treasure for themselves and has been manuplating one of the parties in locating it from the beginning.  Who will get this treasure first?

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