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Obama on Climate Change

A very interesting post by Marc Sheppard at the American Thinker, Obama Out-Gores Gores at Climate Summit.  It is an interesting read on the climate change debate and debunking some myths the alarmists like Algore preaches and what Mr Obama said.  But, I found this amusing:

In all, it took Obama but 50 words to craft 8 material mistruths and misrepresentations.  At just over 6 average words per green lie (AWPGL), the brilliant orator displayed a bravo sierra talent almost twice that of the reigning King of greenhouse gasbags himself.  Indeed, during Gore’s Deceptive Rolling Stone Interview, the hitherto undisputed Globaloney Champion of the World managed a paltry 5 deceptions and took 58 words to squeeze them out, for an AWPGL of nearly 12.

What is Mr Obama doing here? Is it possible Mr Obama is so naive on climate change?

To be presidential, he does not need to sound like Algore.  Mr Obama should make sure that he is more knowledgeable on the subject and not take Algore’s word on the climate change debate.

Yet, I wonder, could this be a final nail on this subject?  Is possible that alarmists do have it wrong?

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