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Legacy – Alliance

I recently obtained the latest Dark Horse Trade Paperback in the Star Wars universe, Legacy – Alliance.


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In the Legacy series, the Galactic Alliance is in need of a victory against the new Emperor Darth Krayt.  And Admiral Gar Stazi knows that their next action will lead them into a trap and bring an end to the Alliance.  However, they move forward with their daring mission to capture a new battle cruiser off the shipyards at Cad.   With this new ship, they can continue their struggle to bring peace to the galaxy far far away.  However, this group will need to find alliances in familiar places otherwise they could meet their certain doom when their new ship’s weapons are put on-line.  Read to find out how Galactic Alliance obtains their new ship, Alliance, and gains an ally.

Despite these set backs, Darth Krayt’s faithful servant Darth Wyyrlok is on his own mission to the Core to locate Sith powers that will help Darth Krayt see his vision come true for the Sith and their new empire.  But, on this dangerous mission where Sith will meet against ancient Sith powers, his failure could bring an end to the Sith emperor’s dreams.  Read to find out if Darth Wyyrlok is successful in obtaining the information to help the Sith emperor.

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