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Teaching Economics – Walter E Williams @ Townhall

Walter E Williams wrote an interesting piece called Teaching Economics at Townhall yesterday.  Mr Williams provide some interesting tips for student to realize when their instructors and professors are proselytizing.  If you are student returning to the classrooms this spring term, you should read this piece.

Mr Williams shares three examples in developing straight thinking in this piece:

  1. Subjective statements versus positive statements
  2. Dealing with terms of better, best, or worse
  3. Cause and effect fallacy

As I read it, I found that I agreed with Mr Williams on his goal for his students studying economic theory:

Personally, I want students to share my values that personal liberty, along with free markets, is morally superior to other forms of human organization. The most effective means to accomplish that goal is to give them the tools to be tough, rigorous, hard-minded thinkers and they will probably reach the same conclusions as I have.

I am certain that any student could apply it to other classes as well.

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