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Bush Legacy

As the Bush Presidency has ended today, there are many interesting takes on the Legacy of the George W Bush Presidency.  Here are a few stories to date:

Bush Considered. America is a safer place thanks to his administration – Victor Davis Hanson

We would place Bush in the middle ranks of American presidents

Bush’s ‘Biggest Success’ Was Protecting America, Hoyer Says

Bush Legacy – Thomas Sowell

Bush’s Real Sin Was Winning in Iraq

Bush’s Legacy: Conservatives Were Betrayed

I would have to agree that the Bush Presidency was a mixed bag.

Here are some positives of Mr Bush’s Presidency:

  • Protecting American citizenry by his response to the 9/11 tragedy
  • Cutting taxes for all American citizenry
  • Appointment of two conservative justices on the Supreme Court
  • Enforcing UN resolutions on Iraq

But there were negatives as well:

  • McCain-Feingold bill restricting First Amendment rights
  • Immigration
  • TARP
  • Failure of  compassionate conservatism
  • Lack of getting his message out to the people

Now this leads to one question I would like to have answered is, ‘Will Bush Derangement Syndrome be cured?’ Probably not, but check this out:

Will Obama Inauguration End Bush Derangement Syndrome?

Let us remember that Mr Bush was never a leader of the conservative movement.

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