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Conservatism’s Dilemma – American Thinker

Today at American Thinker, Larrey Anderson posts Conservatism’s Dilemma: To be or not to be in the GOP. A very interesting post about what conservatives should do in the facing GOPers caught up in Obamania.

Mr Anderson provides a list of five suggestions of what conservatives should do.  To paraphrase these five suggestions:

  1. Stop donations to the GOP in the short term.
  2. No more excuses, demand change within the GOP.
  3. No more manipulation of empty promises.
  4. New leadership now in the Congress.
  5. Take the bull by the horns and participate in the process to elect conservatives to office.

Read his post for details on each item.  I have always done number one on this list, because our GOP leaders have not delivering on their promises for last 8 years and seem to always cave on their principles.  Why should I support them when they abandon us on the issues that matter to us.

It should be interesting to see what will happen with the GOP.  But, GOP is not the only ones who should be concern, because the Democrats are in the same boat.  It is that you do not hear about it or see in our media.  It may surface in the near future, if Mr Obama and the Congress cannot deliver on their promises.

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