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2009 Stanley Cup Conference Quarterfinals

The NHL 2008-2009 season is over.  The quest for the Stanley Cup begins.  And with the beginning of the playoffs, the NHL has released its new designed portal for all the Stanley Cup action.  Visit their website here.

I see that there is prediction site to see how well you can predict the winner of the Stanley Cup.

But for the match up for the Conference Quarterfinals, here is my thoughts:


(8) Montreal Canadiens vs. (1) Boston Bruins
Game 1 Thursday, Game 2 Saturday at TD Banknorth Garden

A Original Six match up and re-match of last year’s conference quarterfinals rolled into one.  The difference this year is Boston is the top seed and has home ice.  Last year’s series went seven, I see that happening again.  But, I think Boston will be able to get by their arch rivals this year.

(7) New York Rangers vs. (2) Washington Capitals
Game 1 Wednesday, Game 2 Saturday at Verizon Center

An interesting match up, as the Rangers started fast, then faded a bit, and pick it up with their coaching change.  But, I see this a tough series going 6 games.  Washington has too much offensive power for the Rangers to stop. The only way the Rangers advance if Lundqvist plays extremely well

(6) Carolina Hurricanes vs. (3) New Jersey Devils
Game 1 Wednesday, Game 2 Friday at Prudential Center

This should be a hard fought series.  If Brouder is on his game, the Devils can advance.  But Ward has been a catalyst for the ‘Canes this year.  The Cans are peaking at the right time and could pull off the upset in the first round.  I see the series going six or seven games.  But, it is tough to pick.

(5) Philadelphia Flyers vs. (4) Pittsburgh Penguins
Game 1 Wednesday, Game 2 Friday at Mellon Arena

A battle for Pennsylvania.  Another tough series for both teams.  Pen will have the edge with home ice, but Philly style hockey may be back.  Should be interesting to watch this series on VERSUS.  I like the Pens in seven.


(8) Anaheim Ducks vs. (1) San Jose Sharks
Game 1 Thursday, Game 2 Sunday at HP Pavilion

An interesting series here.  Travel will be easy since both teams are based in California.  This is unusually for a Western Conference series.  I have to go with the Sharks in six.

(7) Columbus Blue Jackets vs. (2) Detroit Red Wings
Game 1 Thursday, Game 2 Saturday at Joe Louis Arena

Yet another Western series with minimal travel in the Eastern time zone.  Detroit has not been playing up to their standards in the past runs for the Cup.  Columbus has a goalie who can take them far.  But, I must go with an experienced playoff team, Red Wings in six.

(6) St. Louis Blues vs. (3) Vancouver Canucks
Game 1 Wednesday, Game 2 Friday at GM Place

Of the Western Conference series, this one will have the most travel involved.  It is great to see the Blues back in the playoffs.  I get to watch the Blues a lot so I will be rooting for them to advance.  They are playing well and have a great goalie.  However, the Canucks are a hot team as well.  But, I will go with the Blues in six games.

(5) Calgary Flames vs. (4) Chicago Blackhawks
Game 1 Thursday, Game 2 Saturday at United Center

The Blackhawks have achieve their One Goal, make the playoffs. Now it onto the next goal advance to the Stanley Cup Finals.  I like the Blackhawks as well in this series.  Just like the Blues, they are playing well, getting great goal keeping, and everyone contributes.  But the Flames cannot be taken lightly here.  This series will be a typical black and blue series.  I like the Hawks in six games.

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