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2009 Stanley Cup Western Conference Semifinals

As of the results of last night games, the Western Conference match ups are set.  In my picks in the West, I was 2-2.  I have to congratulate myself in predicting the Calgary-Chicago series result correctly, Chicago in 6.  But, I did not too well with Anaheim-San Jose or St Louis-Vancouver series.  So, I picked the wrong upset team, Anaheim.  No big deal.  The next round will begin later this week and excitement will continue to build. Here are match-ups:


(8) Anaheim Ducks vs. (2) Detroit Red Wings
Game 1  Friday at Joe Louis Arena

A rematch of 2007.  The past two champions meeting in a conference semifinal matchup.  This should be an interesting series to watch.  The Duck may be a challenge to the Red Wings.  If the Ducks play their hard hitting style, they could give the Red Wings fits.  And if the Red Wings do not get playoff goaltending, this series may play right into the Ducks’ hands. ho But, I still like the Red Wings in six.

(4) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (3) Vancouver Canucks
Game 1 Thursday at GM Place

The Blackhawks have been impressive at home in their seires with Calgary  But, this time around they do not have home ice. Their play and victory on Monday, they may be able to steal this series.  In the prediction scenarios discussed on NHL.com prior to the playoffs, the Blackhawks were document to have the ability to advance to Finals.  But, can you trust a computer?  Well, as I have watched the Calgary-Chicago series, the Hawks can do it with their speed and discipline.  But, Vancouver plays a similar style and have an excellent goaltender as well.   It will be a difficult series.  This series will go seven, but the Hawks will prevail.

I forsee an Original Six matchup in the Western Conference Finals.

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