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NHL 2009 Stanley Cup Conference Finals

Well, the Conference Finals are set after the completion of last night’s Game 7 Conference Semifinals. Both Conference Final series should be interesting.  A series with two teams that changed head coaches near the end of the season.  Another series based on tradition, an Original Six series.  It all starts next week.

In regards to my pick, I got it correct in the West and wrong in the East.  I went 2-2 with an overall record of 7-5.  Not bad, but it is looking like a re-match of last year cup run is developing, but Carolina and Chicago may have a say in it these series.

Do not forget the NHL Playoff Challenge to make your own predictions.

Check out the TV Schedule of these series.

(6) Carolina Hurricanes vs. (4) Pittsburgh Penguins
Game 1 Monday at Mellon Arena

Another interesting series around a brother rivalry.  The Staal brother are meeting for the first time in a conference final.  It should be interesting to see who prevail in this matchup.  But the bigger match up is between the two teams.  Both had coaching changes that turned the teams around to make the playoffs.  But, I must say that I was impress with the Penguins victory of the Capitals.  If they bring their offense skills to this series, they will win it.  But the ‘Cans play like they did in the early games in Bruins series, they may be looking at another shot at the Cup. But, I will go with the Pens in 6 games.

(4) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (2) Detroit Red Wings
Game 1  Sunday at Joe Louis Arena

A good old Original Six series.  The Red Wings won the regular season, 4 games to 2.  So, it is obvious that Detroit should win it in six games.  Do not count on it.  The Blackhawks have proven in the playoffs that they do not quit.  In fact, the Chicago won the last two games of the regular season.  They are playing well and they can catch Detroit off guard just as Anaheim did at times.  It should be an exciting series to watch.  I like to see the Blackhawks advance in 7 games, but the Red Wings experience may prevail in 7 games as well.  Anyway, I will risk it and go with the Blackhawks.

However, I will not be surprise to see a re-match – Pens and Red Wings.  Yes, the Red Wings will win it all again.

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