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2009 Stanley Cup Finals Through Game 5


I have not had a chance to write on the Stanley Cup Finals, as I have been working on my current job search.  But, we are now five games into this series.  As I review the series to date, the home team has won every game.  Nothing strange about this fact.  But, in these first four games, it was odd to see the same score won by the same team in back to back games.  Detroit, with a great start to the series, winning Game 1 and 2, 3-1.  Pittsburgh, gaining momentum in the series at home, winning Game 3 and 4, 4-2. 

Yet another change in momentum happened last night.  This key shift was the return of Pavel Datsyuk.  He provided the Red Wings the spark need to gain control in this series.  Without this spark, I thought the Red Wings were sliding down the hill and losing control of the series.  They played better on special teams.  They were passing the puck much better.  They were working as a team.  In conclusion, Datsyuk play helped the Red Wings win convincingly 5-0. 

What about the Penguins?  They started very well and look to be able to win it.  But, after the first three goals, they seem to lose interest in winning.  The dumb penalties did help the Pens but rather helped the Red Wings get their power play going again.  This is not good for them.  The Pens will need to learn the lessons again to even the series.

So how will the Penguins respond on Tuesday?  It is still looking to go seven games as I expected, but could last night play lead the Red Wings to reclaim the Cup again in 6 games this year?

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