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Pittsburgh Penguins 2009 Stanley Cup Champions

Pittsburgh Penguins 2009 Stanely Cup Champions (AP)

Pittsburgh Penguins 2009 Stanley Cup Champions (AP)

Well, this year’s Pittsburgh Penguins did it.  They became to first team to win a Stanley Cup re-match since Edmonton Oilers did it 25 years ago.  Although Evgeni Malkin won the Conn Smythe Trophy, I believe that their role players were the key to helping their team win the final two games. of this series  The results of last night game are evident of this fact.  Maxime Talbot became the third player to score the team’s only two goals in a game 7 final.  These players set the tone in these final games. Although I thought the Detroit Red Wings would win because of experience and having home ice, the Penguins were able to win two 7 games series on the road.  Another great accomplishment for this Pens team.

As for the series, there were some interesting facts.  If Pittsburgh were able to score 2 or more goals, they won.  Detroit was able to win if they score more than 3 or more goals.  This is might not be uncommon in other series during the during 1950s and 1960s, the common scores of each game.  Pittsburgh won 2 games each by score of 4-2 and 2-1. Two of Detroit wins were by a score of 3-1.  It shows that series was very good for the league.

I had heard on a local talk radio show that the game of hockey became very entertaining when watching in the high def format.  Although I do not have HD TV, I watched the first peroid using a converter box. I found that the over the air digital signal was much clear than on the cable network. So, I would welcome your your comments on this fact.

Of course, this means I finished with an 8-7 record in picking the winners of this Stanley Cup tournament. Yet, I can be confident that I knew that this series would go seven games.  Oh well, there is next year.   🙂

But wait, next Thursday is the NHL Awards Show from Las Vegas.  Do not forget to watch it on Versus.

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