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25 Ways to Sabotage Your Job Search

An interesting reference article from MSN Career website I found via a LinkedIn group, 25 Ways to Sabotage Your Job Search written by By Anthony Balderrama. A good article to review.  Check out the details in the article of these 25 ways:

1. Assuming you’ll never need to look for another job
2. Burning bridges
3. Keeping mum on your job search
4. Looking for “The One”
5. Not searching at all
6. No cover letter
7. A generic cover letter
8. Typos
9. All “I” and not enough “you”
10. Giving bad contact information
11. Running late
12. Dressing for the wrong job
13. Griping about past employers
14. Not asking questions
15. Not doing your research
16. Thinking the interview starts and ends in a meeting room
17. Talking about money too soon
18. Acting cocky
19. Being so honest you’re rude
20. Forgetting your manners
21. Stalking the hiring manager
22. Not keeping track of your applications
23. Not learning from mistakes
24. Assuming you got the job
25. Forgetting the lessons you learned during a job search

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