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Fate of the Jedi – Omen

I recently obtained the second book in the Fate of the Jedi  series from Del Rey Ballantine Books  in the Star Wars universe, Fate of the Jedi Omen by Christie Golden.


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Update 6 July 2009:

Jedi Order is in crisis.  Several more Jedi has been inflicted with a mysterious disease.  One of these Jedi is Valin’s sister, Jysella.  Galactic Alliance government is taking no chance and insist on carbon freezing these Jedi.  As the council deals these issues, Luke Skywalker and his son, Ben, head to the Kathol Rift to find a alien species who taught Jacen Solo to force walk.   Finding their way through the rift, Luke and Ben get closer to finding when Jacen may have changed.

Despite all the events, a ship has return to a low tech planet.  The planet is home to the last of the Sith tribes.  The population has grown and could become a new threat to the Jedi Order.  To these people, the ship is known as Omen.  This Omen has picked Vestara Khai, a Sith apprentice, in her goal to  become a Sith Master.  Soon, they build their armada to go forth to conquer the galaxy again.  But, the ship disappears after informing them of their greatest threat to their existence, Luke Skywalker.

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