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Vector Volume 2

I recently obtained the latest Dark Horse Trade Paperback in the Star Wars universe, Vector Volume 2.  This volume follows the Vector story during the Rebellion and Legacy series.


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Update 6 July 2009:

The Vector series concludes in two current Dark Horse Star Wars eras, Rebellion and Legacy.   Celeste Morne is in possession of a deadly Sith artifact that can bring about the doom of entire galaxy.  Vader abandoned Celeste on a moon 20 years ago, but now he aims to use her in destroying the Rebellion.

As Luke Skywalker and Princess Organa land on this moon to find a supposedly deadly weapon, they run into an ambush from Celste Morne’s newly converted Imperial troopers monsters.  As Luke battles Celste, she realize that this Jedi is not prepared for this fight and must struggle to stop the Sith Karness Muur from his desire to destroy the galaxy. As Han Solo rescues his friends, Celste takes advantage of Vader’s gift, a Imperial destroyer, and leaves the moon and heads for the unknown parts of the galaxy.

Cade Skywalker is on his way to assassinate the new Dark Sith Emperor Krayt.  Unfortunately, his ship is brought of hyperspace by Celste’s star destroyer.  As they investigate the ship and repair the Mynock, Cade is ambushed and is inflicted by the monster’s bite.  Almost immediately Celste puts him and Azlyn Rae into the brig and help them become one with the Force.  While talking with Celste, Cade learns the truth of the deadly venom and heals Rae and himself.  In awe of this power, Celste joins Cade in his mission to stop Emperor Krayt.  In the show down with the Emperor, it appears that Celste may have defeated the Emperor. Although Cade is not pleased at the cost of Rae’s life, he brings balance back by helping Celste find peace in the force and end the threat of the Sith artifact.  Yet a secret has been revealed that may continue the legacy of one a little longer.

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