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Update about myself

Well I have been pretty busy this past month and I am ready to blog again.  Here is a high level review of the past month’s  accomplishments:

In late July and early August, I attended the Breaking Through Part I workshop.  It was awesome experience!  It was a great opportunity to meet others and break free of the things in my life.  I obtained a new perspective on life’s journey at this event.  I would encourage you to attend at least this workshop.  In fact, I took the leap by committing to Part II.

Meanwhile, I have been in the job search for awhile and was making progress on several opportunities.  I have attended several networking events and career fairs and landed some interviews in the process.  So, on August 18 I had received an offer from Bucher + Christian as consultant at Eli Lilly.  In fact, I started this position this past Monday. I am one of the four new Darwin Support Analysts at their Technology Park south of downtown Indianapolis.

After accepting this position, this past weekend I went to Breaking Through Part II workshop prior to starting my job.  This was totally unbelievable event.  It was more intense than Part I.  But, it was fun.  I had the opportunity to be with 19 other participants and 6 coaches experiencing the results of our break throughs and created together results that matter for a lifetime.  So, when I finished this experience, I was not certain I could handle a week at a new job.  But, I managed well.

I would like to thank those who provide support during my career search.  It will be great to back to a normal life and work on life’s journey.

In fact, I happy to see that college football and ice hockey will be starting soon again.

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