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Fate of the Jedi – Abyss

I recently obtained the third book in the Fate of the Jedi  series from Del Rey Ballantine Books  in the Star Wars universe, Fate of the Jedi Abyss by Troy Denning.


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Update 7 September 2009:

In the third installment, Luke and Ben Skywalker enter the Maw Cluster to continue their search of what led Jacen Solo to his dark fall.  While in the cluster, they will also need to find the answers to why a strange illness are affecting so many of the young Jedi on Coruscant.  The current journey to the truth may be a fatal one for the father-son duo.

As the battle between the GA Chief Natasi Dalla and the Jedi Order continues, the stakes of the cat and mouse game reaches a climax.  The Jedi Order find a way to protect those young Jedi who are experiencing a mental breakdown and elude GAS forces.

Yet, as Luke and Ben find the answers to Jacen’s downfall, a threat approaches.  This new threat is bent on bringing the end of the Skywalkers.  By removing the Skywalkers, they can restore a great hidden dark power of the Sith.

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