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Rebel Force – Firefight

I recently obtained the fourth book in the Rebel Force series from Scholastic Inc  in the Star Wars universe, Rebel Force Firefight by Alex Wheeler.


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Update: 12 October 2009

X-7 has not given up on his mission to destroy Luke Skywalker.  Avoiding going back to his commander, X-7 turns to renegades who are expert fliers and can take on the Rebel’s best squadron, Red Squadron.  In efforts to locate a secret Imperial weapon on the planet of Kamino,  Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca may be walking into a trap.  However, they will soon discover it will become a battle for survival.  After crashing on the planet’s surface, the leader of the mercenary fliers, Lune Divinian, makes a deal with the young Skywalker, to work together in an effort to get off the planet alive. Unfortunate for X-7, Divinian has a secret that could turn his promising victory into a devastating defeat.

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