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Death Troopers

I recently obtained a new novel from Del Rey Ballantine Books  in the Star Wars universe, Death Troopers by Joe Schereiber.


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Update 25 October 2009:

A dark plague awaits the prison barge  Purge as it seeks repairs in the outer reaches of the known galaxy.  Unknown to the crew, this plague come from a known source, the Empire.  However, it has already affected many of crew on the Purge with the exception of two brothers, a doctor, and Imperial guard.  The horror filled events will keep the brothers and the doctor on the run as they seek answers to why the dead keep coming back to life and seek them.  In attempt to get off the ship, the doctor finds two confined prisoners who may be helpful in escaping this deadly plague.  Will they make it?

Unlike any previous Star Wars novel, this horror story will keep you on your toes on how these brave individuals escape this deadly trap and find the answer to this deadly Imperial weapon.

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