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Mission Trip By The Numbers

Circle of Life Lutheran Church

Right after the Stanley Cup victory by the Chicago Blackhawks, I joined a small group of my church members on a mission trip to Montana.  We visited the Circle of Life Lutheran Church in Lame Deer, Montana to continue work on the development of campground for the church.  This time around, we worked on milling wood for the next phase of the project.  After this trip, I got to visit my family on the way back.

So, in review, here is my trip by the numbers:

3,036 miles traveled

360 e-mails in my Yahoo! account read to be read

288 pictures taken

112 spam e-mails ready to be deleted in my Yahoo! account

91 gallons of fuel purchased

33.5 miles per gallon

10 lightning strikes seen during a Montana afternoon storm

6 days of facial hair growth

Can you see the fifth face to left of President Washington?

5 faces seen at Mt Rushmore of which 4 are the Presidents – do you know about the fifth one?

4 days of travel

3 National Parks visited (Badlands, Mt Rushmore, Custer’s Last Stand)

2 days visiting with my parents

1 great experience


Montana Sunset

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