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Old Republic – Deceived

I recently obtained a new book from Del Rey Ballantine Books  in the Star Wars universe, Old Republic – Deceived by Paul S Kemp.

A new novel from Old Republic video game with the same title and follows along the same time frame of the Dark Horse Old Republic comic series.

In many millena before the Great Jedi Sith War, another conflict occurred between the Old Republic and the Empire.  After the Sith surprise conquest of Coruscant, a lone Jedi Knight seeks out to discover who killed her master at the now destroyed Jedi Temple.  Her name is Aryn Leneer.  She possesses a strong Force empathy and desire to find her master killer has become a priority to her.  The killer is the Sith Lord, Darth Maglus, who has a vision of seeing Corsuscant burn.  However, the Emperor has other plans, as he commands peace talks at Alderaan to continue.  While these talks go on, events are set into motion that will put this Jedi and Sith in shown down.  Yet, both are deceived by their own Order. The deception could cause the destruction of two strong Force users or provide them with new choices to follow.

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