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2011 Stanley Cup Western Conference Finals

In reviewing my Western Conference picks, I correctly pick the correct winners, going 2-0. Overall, I  am 8-4.  I predicted the total games correctly, 13, but I had the number of games for each series reversed.  So, I am unchanged at +3 overall.   The schedule for the next round can be found here.

#1 vs. #2

These two West Coast teams are pretty familiar with each other.  Although Vancouver took the regular series 3-1, three of their games were one goal games involving a shoot out.  So, there is a good chance that there will be multiple overtime games in this series.  Each team has had contributions from different players to date.  Anyone on their team could be a difference maker in this series. The big question is who will it be?  Vancouver has gotten some rest, but rest does not guarantee success like Washington found in the prior round.  Yet, both teams have dealt with series in which they had to win game 7 after taking a commanding 3-0 lead.

Vancouver goalie Roberto Luongo has to deal with yet another demon in this round.  This time around it is Sharks goalie Antti Niemi, last year’s Stanley Cup goalie.  Luongo was out played by Niemi last year in the Conference Finals and must play well for his team to reach the Cup Finals.

From the games I watched on TV, their  inconsistent play in their respective series does not give me a warm fuzz in predicting a winner in this series.  On paper both teams are pretty much evenly matched.  This series has the potential to go 7.

Pick: Canucks in 7

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