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Boston Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup Champions

Boston Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup Champions (Jeff Vinnick/NHL Getty Images)

Well, the Boston Bruins did it! With most penalty minutes in 25 years, the Bruins played their style of hockey to win game 7 in Vancouver in a impressive fashion, 4-0. [Recap here] The Bruins 5-on-5 play throughout the playoffs paid big dividends in this series by limiting the impact of the Canucks top players.  The physical played it toll as well as the Canucks defense could not continue with their play that allowed them to take an early 2-0 series lead.  But, in the end it was all about goal tending.  There was no doubt that the Conn Symthe Throphy would go to Boston goal tender Tim Thomas after game 4.  Many predicted the scoring leaders would win, but I knew he would win it regardless who would win the series.  He sent many records in this year’s playoff and in the Finals. It was great way to end an excellent hockey season.

While all the experts were picked the Canucks to win it this year, I was happy to have picked the Bruins based upon their play prior to this series. I finished with a 11-4 record and was 4 over on the number of games played this year. Now, it is time to give out the awards next week in Las Vegas.  Looking forward to seeing it next week on Versus.

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