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Choices of One

I recently obtained a new Mara Jade novel from Del Rey Ballantine Books  in the Star Wars universe, Choices of One by Timothy Zahn.

Update 10 September 2011:

After the events of another Timothy Zahn Star Wars Novel, Allegiance, these Star Wars characters found themselves in a situation where their individual choice of one will impact them all.  Han Solo has the choice of becoming a leader in the Rebel Alliance while determining if the Princess really has an interest in him.  The Emperor’s Hand, Mara Jade, must make a choice in delivering the judgement of Emperor against one of the Empire’s Governor or save his family and his own life.  A group of stormtroopers, who have been delivering their own brand of Emperor’s Hand justice, must decide whether to help Jade or face their own destiny with Imperial justice over their desertion. Others will make their own choice in this book as well as each one will play their part in preparing for their showdown in Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy.

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