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Fate of the Jedi – Ascension

I recently obtained the eighth book in the Fate of the Jedi  series from Del Rey Ballantine Books  in the Star Wars universe, Fate of the Jedi Ascension by Christie Golden.

Update 10 September 2011:

With Galactic Alliance in transition once again, Luke Skywalker is back as the Grand Master Jedi. But he brings some shocking news as the Jedi Order begins to make its move to confront the threat from Abeloth and the Sith.  The Jedi Order is leaving Couruscant.  This action brings the underlying coup group out in the open as each member is somehow discovered.  Despite these revelations, former Galactic Alliance leader Daala has plans of her own to use this opportunity to grab something new, the Imperial throne.  All the while, Abeloth and Sith have used this swift change to their own advantage and take control of the Galactic Alliance.   But, somehow a recovering admiral is unraveling all these twists to become a difference maker for the Jedi and the Galactic Alliance in setting up the final showdown.  Everyone has ascended, but one Sith will have to make a choice between being with the one she loves or destroying the one she loves.

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