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2012 Stanley Cup Conference Finals

NHL Conference Finals start on today for the Western Conference and Monday for the Eastern Conference. NHL.com has the schedule here.

In the West, the Los Angeles Kings (#8) will face their Pacific Division rivals and division champion Phoenix Coyotes (#3).  It is the first time that Pacific Divisions rivals will face each in a Western Conference Final.  The series in the West have been difficult to pick as parity in the league has made it a very competitive post season.  Both teams have played well defensively as they both have had outstanding and quality goal tending.  The King has shown true grit as they have defeated the top two teams in the East and attempt to beat the third division champion this year.  However, I feel that the King have not faced much adversity to this point.  Both teams may find it difficult to get going in game 1 after a 4-5 days off. The Flyers did not do well after a week layoff with Devils, so the teams that comes to play tonight will have advantage in the series.  NHL.com has details about the series here.

The winner of the series will get to face the winner from the Atlantic Division in a true East versus West match up in the Stanley Cup Final.

In the East, the New York Rangers, the top seed in the East and Atlantic Division champion, will face their division rivals, New Jersey Devils (#6).   As like in the West, the veteran goal tending has been strong for both teams when it has counted. But, unlike the Kings, the Rangers have had their share adversity in both series.  Going to 7 games in the first two series, the Rangers may run out of the gas to getting to the Finals since 1994.  However, it can make a team stronger and confidence as it faces a division rival.  The Devils have shown quickness in their game, and if this forces the Rangers to run around, the Devils stand a good chance to advancing.  Expect a great series from these two teams.  NHL.com has details about the series here.

I was 5-3 with picking one more game than was played through the quarterfinals.  However, I was 2-2 in the semi-final round while picking one less game than was played.  Overall, my record is 7-5 with picking the correct number of games played to date.

Here are my picks for this round:

Kings in 6

Rangers in 7


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