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2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs – Conference Semis

Conference Semis starts tonight on CNBC.   NHL.com provides the coverage of each series.

In reviewing my Conference Quarterfinals picks, I picked 6 of 8 series correctly.

Pittsburgh vs New York Islanders

Pens win in 6.  Actual: Pens in 6.

Montreal vs Ottawa

Canadiens in 6. Actual: Senators in 5.

Washington vs New York Rangers

Rangers win it in 7. Actual: Rangers in 7

Boston vs Toronto

Bruins in 6. Actual: Bruins in 7.

Chicago vs Minnesota

Blackhawks in 6. Actual: Blackhawks in 5.

Anaheim vs Detroit

Ducks in 6. Actual: Red Wings in 7.

Vancouver vs San Jose

Sharks in 6. Actual: Sharks in 4.

St Louis vs Los Angeles

Kings win in 7.  Actual: Kings in 6.

I picked a total of 50 games in the first round, but only 47 games were played.  There were a lot of overtime games in the first round, so I expect to see more in this upcoming round.

For my picks in the Conference Semis,

Pittsburgh vs Ottawa

Penguins faced more adversity than the Senators did in the first round.  Ottawa did surprised me with their play in their series with the Canadiens.  Although the Pens swept the season series against Senators, it will be tougher this time.  I would not be surprised if the Senator take this series, but I will stick with the Pens in 6.

Boston vs New York Rangers

East version of an Original 6 series.  Any original series should be good to watch.  The Rangers have the edge in goal tending but the Bruins’ top line is producing.  This battle may decide who wins this series.  Typically it is goal tending that wins series, so Ranges in 7.

Chicago vs Detroit

The last version of an Original 6 series in the West, since Detroit moves to the East next season.   The Hawks played pretty well against the Red Wings this year, but this series should be a classic to watch.   I still like the Blackhawks to win it in 6.

Los Angeles vs San Jose

Expect many of these games going into overtime, so rest may work to the Sharks’ advantage after their sweep of the Canucks.  Yet, the Kings got back on track after dropping the first two games against the Blues.  With Sharks playing well, I see them winning in 6.

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