Kevin Schulke

Kevin Schulke

Originally from Ames, Iowa.

Obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Data Processing with Cum Laude Honor from Northeast Missouri State University. Today known as Truman State University.

I am currently working as Senior Consulting with Moser Consulting, Inc. in the Indianapolis Metro area.

I reside the town of Fishers.

Jack Russell Terrier, Rachel (1995-2009).



I began web programming in 1999 when I developed my first website through my dial-up internet provider. With the popularity of a Star Wars timeline, I had to move my website to the web hosting site, Tierra.net. Thus, schulke.com was born. In late 2007 I discontinued my schulke.com website to I begin this blog.

Here are few of my interests:

Star Wars
Check what I am reading and have read in the Star Wars universe.

Hockey Fan
Since 1980s, I have been a big hockey fan. Either watching the Winter Olympics or the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Stanley Cup

Visit the NHL Champions List on my site for those teams who accomplished this goal in a seven game series.

Avid reader of these comic strips:

Snoopy.com Link Icon Dilbert Link Icon

Anime Fan
Enjoy watching Japanese anime series because of their artist presentation and their good story lines.

Besides Star Wars, James Bond, 007, movie fan.

My taste in music has changed over time. I still listen to Rock/Pop, but today, I listen to positive Christian Contemporary music as well as some Smooth Jazz.

Beside being an avid reading of Star Wars novels, I read other mysteries, historical novels, and biographies.

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