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Iowa – Iowa State Football on FSN Midwest

12 September 2009 Leave a comment


Today is the day of the big game in the state of Iowa. As a native Iowan and a Cyclone fan, I will be watching this game on FS Midwest at Noon.  Iowa is 8 point favorite to win this game, but I hoping for an entertaining and close game. So, check back for my input on this state rivalry game and battle for the Cy Hawk Trophy.

Update 12 Sept 2009 11:38 AM:

Getting ready for kick-off in less than 30 minutes.  I am wondering how many fans will be wearing cardinal today?  Should be an interesting site to see on TV.

Update 12 Sept 2009 12:58 PM:

After 1 quarter, it is Iowa 7, Iowa State 3.  The two teams traded turnovers, but neither team was able to capitalize.  Iowa State was able to get the ball moving in the latter part of the quarter to score a 45 yard field goal.  However, the gamble on the onside kick failed and two penalties allowed the Hawkeyes to score a touchdown.  It has been a good game and sea of cardinal looks good on TV.  Go STATE!

Update 12 Sept 2009 1:46 PM:

Well, it’s halftime.  Iowa 14, Iowa State 3.  Not a very good quarter of football by the Cyclones.  A lot of mistakes being made which led to turnovers.  One of the turnovers resulted in the Hawkeyes’ second touchdown.  A touchdown that may have been offensive interface, but after seeing it several more times, I can see why it was a no call – both players seem to push off.  The second turnover in the quarter by the Cyclones was also unnecessary.  They were moving the ball well towards the end of quarter, but the quarterback made a poor decision.

Turnovers and penalties are hurting the Cyclones.  The quarterback needs to make better throwing decisions.  They need to come out with a good drive and keep this game close.

Update 12 Sept 2009 2:41 PM:

Iowa 28, Iowa State 3. Not a pretty start to the second half.  Turnovers by the Cyclones led to 14 more points by the Hawkeyes.  It looks like it will be a long fourth quarter.  I hope to see a more respectable result, but I will not count on it.

Update 12 Sept 2009 3:23 PM:

It is a final.  Iowa 35, Iowa State 3.  Another turnover leads to 7 more points for the Hawkeyes.  The Hawkeyes won this game and over came their early mistakes (2 turnovers).  Six turnovers killed the Cyclones.  The Cyclones quarterback need to make better decisions.  Otherwise, it will be a long season.  Until next season.


Big Game in Iowa

13 September 2008 Leave a comment

Iowa State Cyclones

Iowa State Cyclones

Iowa Hawkeyes

Iowa Hawkeyes

The Big Game in Iowa is about to kickoff shortly from Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City, Iowa. The Big Ten Network is broadcasting the game today.  Iowa is the favorite by 14.  However, I hope for a good game with a closer score.

I plan to provide some commentary at half time and at the end of the game today.  So, please check back later today.  GO CLONES!

First Half Observations

Well, Iowa leads 3-0 in a close game on a wet field in Iowa City.

Shonn Greene runs for 31 yards to set up a Hawkeye field goal. (HARRY BAUMERT/DES MOINES REGISTER)

Shonn Greene runs for 31 yards to set up a Hawkeye field goal. (HARRY BAUMERT/DES MOINES REGISTER)

Iowa looks good running the football.  A 31 yard run in the opening drive by Shonn Greene gave the Hawks their own only points in the half.  So, I expect more running from them.

I’m a little disappointed in the Cyclone offense as they have no third down conversations in the first half.  But otherwise, it is good to see Alexander Robinson running the ball well.  I would like to see him run some more in the second.  Passing has been good at times.   But, they need to get a drive together and score points.  They missed a great opportunity to get points after an interception in the first quarter.  The unsportsmanlike penalty hurt them at that time.

On the bright side, the Cyclone defense is playing well, but has given up some big plays in the first half.  They will need to play better in the second half but containing and tackling the Hawkeye offensive players.  They held the Hawkeyes to no points after the Cyclone interception in the second quarter, so they will need to keep it up.

Second Half Observations

Well, Iowa wins 17-5.  A special team touchdown wins it for the Hawkeyes.

The Iowa bench erupts as Andy Brodell makes an 81-yard punt return for a touchdown in the fourth quarter against Iowa State Saturday. (Rodney White/Des Moines Register)

The Iowa bench erupts as Andy Brodell makes an 81-yard punt return for a touchdown in the fourth quarter against Iowa State Saturday. (Rodney White/Des Moines Register)

Iowa State offensively played a better game in this half. I found that the defense played on 6 plays in the third quarter.  But with Cyclones dominating time of possession in the third quarter, the results was disappointing as no points were scored. In reviewing the unofficial overall stats, Iowa State out gained the Hawkeyes 325-243, but their lack of executing in the red zone hurt them.  Although the Cyclones missed three field goals in the game, which none were easy, it makes  it difficult to lose to your state rival this way.

So, continue to work on finishing this season strong and challenge the Hawkeyes next year in Ames to get back the Cy-Hawk trophy.

Cyclones Opening Game on FCS Central

23 August 2008 1 comment

College football will beginning this week for most schools.  So, when I read at that Fox College Sports (FCS) Central, a digit cable college sports channel, would be broadcasting their opening game, I was excited. 🙂

Their opening game is against South Dakota State, a new Division I-AA school, on August 28th at 8 PM ET (7 PM CT).  See this announcement at

So, Iowa State Cyclones football may not be on the top of everyone’s list this upcoming Thursday.  So, you ask, what is the big deal?  Well, it is an opportunity to see the Cyclones return back to their original Cardinal and Gold uniforms. [see announcement here] If you watch the game, the Cyclones will be wearing their school colors that are only similar to one other major university, USC.

But, if you cannot see it in your area, will be able to live web cast it at their website with the help of FCS Central.   It is unclear to me, but according to the article, one may have to purchase the Clone Zone membership to view.

I have always thought that live web casts are free, but I guess this is just another exception.  So, I hope you will enjoy the game on Thursday on FCS Central.


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Iowa State Football New Look

I mentioned back in October that Iowa State was returning to their cardinal and gold uniforms. Well, the Iowa State Athletic Department released a sneak peek at the football uniforms to be used this fall. Check the story here.

The new logo on the cardinal helmet came out real well and the home uniforms take me back to watching ISU football in the 1970s when the cardinal and gold was last worn. Now, let’s hope the team will have a successful campaign this fall. Go State!

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ACHA College Championship Game

6 March 2008 Leave a comment

Well, College Hockey tournaments are going on right now. The NCAA Men’s Hockey Division I tournament should start in a few weeks after the conference tournaments.

But, the college hockey clubs just completed their Division I tournament. The American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) is the hockey association of hockey clubs which are not sponsored or supported by their university athletic department. The ACHA hosted their Division I tournament March 1-5 in Rochester, New York. Their tournament results are located here.

University of Illinois defeated Lindenwood, 4-2, in the championship game last night. Congratulations to the Illinois team. They finished the season undefeated.

The team I was following in the tournament, Iowa State, lost in the quarterfinals to Lindenwood, and finished eighth in the tournament.