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Independence Day 2009

American Flag

Happy Birthday America.

Other items to check out:

Red Skelton’s Pledge of Allegiance.  At my website, I have the Mr Skelton’s audio version.  Listen to it.

Michelle Malkin has a post celebrating America’s 233rd birthday here. She has a reprint of the Declaration of Independence courtesy of the National Archive. A good read.

Listen to Lee Greenwood’s  God Bless The USA


State of the Union Speech 2009

25 February 2009 Leave a comment

Last night President Obama gave his first State of Union speech.

I decided not watch this speech.  Why? Better things to watch, like a DVD, or better yet, a hockey game.

Anyway, I thought he would give the usual hope and change speech that he presented on the campaign trail last fall.  Well, I was amused this morning when read from the DrudgeReport a Yahoo story about the Wall Street reaction to his speech.  Here is an excerpt:

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Stocks fell on Wednesday as investors found little new in a major speech by President Barack Obama on how he planned to stabilize the economy, while gloomy home sales data weighed on the market.

Long-standing worries about recession and the fate of the banking sector persisted despite Obama’s speech to Congress on Tuesday night, sending shares of financial services companies, big manufacturers and energy companies lower.

“The market was up 4 percent yesterday and I think that was probably a little excessive given the economic backdrop,” said Michael James, senior trader at regional investment bank Wedbush Morgan in Los Angeles.

“There was a little bit of an overshoot to the upside yesterday and we’re just giving some of that back early as President Obama didn’t have anything substantive to say last night.”

Go figure that someone would think that the President would not have anything substantive to say. Good thing I did not watch it. 🙂

However, we do have our usual MSM fawning at the AP as posted by Michelle Malkin here.

Yet, the rebuttal was disappointed by some. Read this post here.  But, Governor Jindal rebounded this morning on the Today show.  Post here.

At Real Clear Politics, there seems to be discussion of the MSNBC host saying “oh God” before Governor Jindal response.  What can you say about those guys at MSNBC?  Exit question: Will the MSNBC host own or admit making this comment?  Probably not.

But, Michelle offered some good points on regarding the conclusion of Governor Jindal’s speech.  Read post here.

Another response to SOTU was the Republican Congressional Response as posted by Ed Morrissey.

With all these discussions and posts, I made the right call last night.  There was nothing on TV last night.

Chapman Tragedy

I am sure that all you are aware of the Steven Curtis Chapman’s accidental death of their five year old daughter, Maria Sue. Here is the story.

But, I must encourage you to read Michelle Malkin’s post about it here. Please read. Michelle writes a touching post that should help us all reflect on our lives and what matters most.

Here are some Steven Curtis Chapman videos she shares with her readers [check her post for the words]:


Miracle of the Moment

If you find other commentary like Michelle’s, please leave a comment here. Thanks.

Also, if you can help, I suggest following Michelle’s suggestion by donating to Maria’s Memorial Fund here.

Blogging While Female – John Hawkins @ RightWingNews

19 March 2008 Leave a comment

John Hawkins at RightWingNews has posted serveral articles on topic, Blogging While Female, a look at top conservative female bloggers.  The first five bloggers are covered in Part 1 here.  Mr Hawkins covers additional five bloggers in Part 2  here.  He has interviewed two of my favorite bloggers, Michelle Malkin and Mary Katherine Ham in these posts.  If you get a chance, give them a read.  Get to know the best conservative female bloggers.

Not to be sexists or anything, but these gals are also very beautiful women, too.  I like their style.  🙂