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D-Day Anniversary 2015

Today is the 71th Anniversary of D-Day. It is about the sacrifices made on the beaches of Normandy by our military and those of our Allies.  I remember Charles M Schulz’s honor of D-Day in his Peanuts strip. And of course, Ronald Regan speech in 1984 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this event comes to my mind of what these fine men did on this day.

To understand the numbers of this invasion, visit the link, D-Day By The Numbers [].


Interesting YouTube Recording on Health Care

24 February 2010 Leave a comment

A lot buzz about this video per FoxNews article.  Considering all the big push on the part of the President to pass the health care reform, this should be a good listen.

Whose to Blame?

23 September 2008 Leave a comment

Courtesy of fellow WordPress blogger, coloradoright. I found this to be a really funny Ronald Reagan moment.

Buckley and Reagan: The Qualities of Conservative Greatness – Bruce Walker @ American Thinker

29 February 2008 Leave a comment

Bruce Walker has a great piece today at American Thinker called Buckley and Reagan: The Qualities of Conservative Greatness. Mr Walker discuses how these men were great conservatives of our time.

But, I can that this paragraph is very true how the MSM and many liberals treats conservatives today:

No Leftist will ever be as loved by Americans as that “Arch-Conservative” Reagan and no Leftist will ever be as respected and admired as William F. Buckley, Jr. While conservatives thrash about to define ourselves, to find ourselves, to seek our inner selves, let us first study a bit what made these two giants unifying leaders who they were.

Here is a summary of the qualities that made these men great conservatives according to Mr Walker:

  1. The first common characteristic is that both men were devoutly religious — it is impossible to think of either man without soon noting the importance of God in the biography.
  2. As a natural consequence of the importance of God in their lives, Buckley and Reagan believed in the divine purpose of marriage and family.
  3. Buckley and Reagan were also men with a genuine love of life.
  4. The two conservative icons were, then, whole men.
  5. This absence of finesse was the key to their eloquence.

I would suggest you read the article. I know that I am not close in achieving these qualities as these great men did. Mr Walker provided some supporting details how these men emulated these qualities.

In Mr Walker’s close paragraph, I would have to agree about those claiming to be our conservative leaders today:

Spoken plainly, conservative leaders today are too opportunistic, too interested in personal reward, too worried about what our enemies think, and too afraid too stand cheerfully alone. Buckley and Reagan were men of great gifts, but it was not their gifts alone that made them great. What made them great was certainty of moral purpose and absolute fearlessness in defending without equivocation what they knew was right. Nations always need such men. America particularly needs such men now.